Marina Cala Galera much more than a place for boats!

Marina Cala Galera is a modern private marina  immersed in the nature of the Monte Argentario. It is located less than a kilometer from Porto Ercole and approximately 4 km from Orbetello.
The Port of Cala Galera was completed in 1974 at a time when Susanna Agnelli was Mayor of  the Argentario, it was one of the first private ports built in Italy since its opening it ranks as one of the first marinas of Italy. Just recently the Marina Cala Galera has been completely renovated and has become the flagship of Monte Argentario.
The Port of Cala Galera offers 670 berths including 60 posts reserved for vessels in transit, the maximum length for boats is 50 meters, the water depth ranging from 3.5 to 6.5 mt.

Blue flag for Marina Cala Galera

Marina Cala Galera boasts a Blue Flag that  has been awarded for many years now by the Foundation for Environmental Education, they grant this award only to marinas in the EU that comply with the quality criteria set by the FEE.

The Port is spread over a breakwater pier of two elbows and a Pier Sottoflutto also, being sheltered by the Monte Argentario generally permits access to vessels in all weather conditions, access may be slightly difficult with Grecale winds, strong intensity Levante, instead, thanks to the breakwater even in conditions of a strong Scirocco you can easily enter into the port in any type of craft.
For Docking, chains dead bodies and guide wires, rings or cleats on the dock. The pontoons are constructed  upon reinforced concrete columns centrifuged to avoid stagnant water and backwash, also constant replacement of water is assured by three openings below the sea level.


  •     Water and Electricity - The electricity is directly on the dock as well as  drinking and washing water. Each Berth has at its disposal an exclusive column for current at 220/380V and one for water, every column has a GFCI breaker for safety.
  •     Boats Assistance Centre - Engine Plant, Technical Assistance and electronics, Repair Repairs hulls and sails.
  •     Port Service - Security, Mooring, Piloting and divers.
  •     ATM - ATM Present at the pier Sottoflutto
  •     Distributor Petrol - Oil and blend. The Opening hours are from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 15:30 to 18:30.
  •     Ice -  Ice is sold in the Bar at the Pier Sottoflutto
  •     Mobile Cranes - Up to 40 Tons
  •    Internet Wi-Fi - working in all areas of the modern Marina Cala Galera Wi-Fi facility is free of charge with the possibility of subscription, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  •     Parking - Ample parking
  •     Parkings Water - There are companies for storage which can keep the boat  uncovered and indoors.
  •     Withdrawal Waste - waste collection
  •     Hauling lift - Up to 300 tons
  •     Fire Service
  •     Restrooms - Spacious and comfortable bathrooms with hot showers and changing rooms located in Pier Sottoflutto
  •     Weather Service - In the reception of the Harbour, there is a screen with 24 hour weather forecast  for wind and sea.
  •     Public telephone - there's a public telephone within the Port  provided by Telecom Italy.
  •     Webcam - You can request the installation of webcams on the spot.

The shops are located on the side of Sottoflutto Pier, providing the following activities:
Food, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, clothing Outlet, Nautical Equipment, Tobacco and Newspapers, Drugstore, Nautic and Real Estate Agency, Naval Electronics Sales and Service, Engine Plant, Broker, Bar, Restaurant, Pizzeria, Sails, Boat yards, in addition to the Charter Petrol Station at the dock.

For more detailed and complete information please visit the official website of Marina Cala Galera at: